List of Industry


American Translators Association

Founded in 1959, ATA is the largest professional association of translators and interpreters in the U.S. with nearly 11,000 members in more than 95 countries. The Association's primary goals include fostering and supporting the professional development of translators and interpreters and promoting the translation and interpreting professions.

Printing Industries Association, Inc. of Southern California

The largest printing industry group in the United States, engaged in activities such as technical support, workshops, and seminars related to printing.

GALA : Globalization and Localization Association
The GALA Standards Initiative

An association dealing with translation in general.
We cooperate in the standardization of quality verification.


European Association for Technical Communication

Europe's largest association related to technical writing.
They are actively engaged in exhibitions, lecturer dispatching, adoption of advanced technology, and networking.

CSA Research (formerly known as Common Sense Advisory)

A research company specializing in translation and localization, headquartered in the United States.

*Crestec is highly ranked as one of the "Largest Language Service Providers",
as published by CSA Research.


Japan Technical Communicators Association

An association of experts dealing with operating
instructions for products and services.

DITA Consortium Japan

An organization aiming for efficient content creation by structuring documents using DITA technology.