Management Principles & Policies

Management Principles

  • Crestec aims to be a company that contributes positively to society.
    (By creating and providing information products, we contribute to a society in which people can live free of anxiety)
  • Crestec employees aim to be full-fledged members of society.
    (We aim to be respected in global society)


Business Activity Policy

We give shape to your information, actively seek to create communication tools linking people to people and people to products around the world, and are dedicated to providing high-quality products and services that you can feel secure using. In order to provide reliable and appealing products and services, we always consider the customer’ s viewpoint as we carry out our work.

Quality Policy

We constantly strive to increase quality by acquiring new technologies and implementing improvements to our work processes, and by pursuing and creating more effective methods for providing appealing products and services. Furthermore, by accurately understanding our customers' requests, always responding sincerely to those requests, and working to increase customer satisfaction, we aim to be a company that is trusted by our customers and local communities. If a problem is discovered in one of our products or services, we will immediately inform the customer and quickly take appropriate actions to minimize any potential damage. In addition, we shall do our utmost to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Risk Management Policy

Through the Crestec Group, we provide various products and services to many customers, earn even greater support and trust from all of our stakeholders, and recognize that maintaining and continuing to improve that support and trust in the future is a top business priority.

Therefore, our company must not only adapt daily to the environmental changes affecting our company, we must also accurately understand, evaluate, and properly control any risks that have the potential to prevent the company from attaining its goals. By establishing a system that is able to minimize damage or loss when a serious incident occurs and prevent the damage from spreading, we are working to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

We aim to incorporate risk management throughout the entire Crestec Group on a continuing basis, and be a business group that is trusted by our stakeholders.

Action Guidelines

  1. Always recognize the serious risks related to our company' s business activities, and do not disregard those risks.
  2. Give sufficient consideration to risk-related trends and requests in society, and strive to make continuous improvements to risk management and to improve the company' s ability to respond to risks.
  3. All employees are aware of risk management as they carry out their work.
  4. When carrying out risk management activities, always keep the safety of the customers, local residents, and employees and their families, as well as the preservation of business resources in mind.
  5. If a risk becomes noticeable, take the responsible actions, and respond promptly and appropriately for a quick recovery.