Studio & Shooting

Looking for a video or photography?
Looking for simplicity and affordability for your shoot?

At Crestec, that is what you get: a hard wall white screen cyclorama in two corners, additional white walls, and full blackout capacity, we can create and capture anything you need in a minimalist fashion. At 600 square feet studio, it provides a perfect work space while still having plenty of leftover lounge space for in between shoots. Atmosphere is everything in a studio.

This is a unique opportunity from every angle, built on quality above all else, because we know that photography is equally as dependent on the photographer as it is on the location! You deserve the best of the best! But, just because quality is the foundation doesn’t mean that you have to pay a lot to get the best photography. In fact, our services are incredibly affordable.


  • 160 AMPS of Power
  • Clothing Rack
  • 4K TV
  • Sony Playstation
  • Central Air
  • Wi-Fi
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Couches

Provided at NO EXTRA COST upon request

  • Sandbags
  • A-clamps
  • Apple boxes
  • Extension cords
  • Power strips
  • 2 x V-flats/stage
  • Mini boom
  • Norm’s c-stands