Translation Quality

Our strict guidelines and check systems provide you with reliable, effective translation.


Crestec employs over 1,000 translators.
Using native-speaking translators allows our translations to reflect changes in terminology and expression that occur over time and ensure that the results communicate the correct meaning in a way that feels natural.

Translated text is received
from the translator

Language check
by a Native Speaker

The quality score of the
translation is determined

The quality score of the translation is determined and the score is indicated on the proofreading.
If the translation is judged to be "Below Standard" or lower, a detailed evaluation and the analysis results are sent to the translator along with advice.

Multi-Level Quality Control

Crestec’s QA standards are based on those of GALA and other international translation organizations. Our system uses both human checkers and a proprietary program to assess accuracy and ensure quality.

Native Language Checks

Crestec’s full-time native proofreaders perform valuable work that can only be performed by a human. Our proofreaders check for mistranslations and judge whether a text is easy to read to ensure that the meaning will not be misunderstood.

Computer-Aided Checks

We use our proprietary translation support tool to perform checks for easily made mistakes, omitted translations, inconsistencies, and incorrect values to thoroughly eliminate errors from translations.

Evaluation System

Each translation project is evaluated on a 5-level scale with all results stored and managed in a database. Evaluation results in the lower two levels are sent to translators in a detailed report to assist them in improving the quality of translations.