July 24, 2022

2022 Language Service Provider Rankings

Haruka Kashiwagi

    Language service providers around the world look forward to seeing the yearly rankings of top LSPs posted by organizations such as Nimdzi, CSA Research, and Slator. This year’s rankings are in, and we’re proud to announce that Crestec has placed among the top 100 companies worldwide.

    Collectively, the top 100 LSPs in the industry saw growth of approximately 22% in the last fiscal year. From mergers and acquisitions to innovations and new service offerings, this last year has proven the flexibility and staying power of the industry.

    The Nimdzi 100 ranking tracks growth and changes within the industry. This year Crestec ranked 57 in the Nimdzi 100. Companies in the top 50 grew by 23.2%, while others in the top 100 saw growth of 19.1%.

    For the full Nimdzi ranking go to: https://www.nimdzi.com/nimdzi-100-top-lsp

    The CSA Research Global Market Survey lists the largest language service providers in the industry. In the 2022 edition of their annual survey, CSA ranked Crestec among the top 50 globally at number 36, and number 10 among the top 30 Asian-Pacific LSPs.

    For the full CSA Research ranking go to: https://csa-research.com/Featured-Content/For-LSPs/Global-Market-Study-2022/Top-100-LSPs

    The Slator 2022 Language Service Provider Index (LSPI) also provides a ranking of the largest language service providers. The ranking this year reflects the growth experienced by the industry overall. Crestec appears on this year’s index in the Leader category at number 43.

    For the full Slator 2022 LSPI ranking go to: https://slator.com/slator-2022-language-service-provider-index/

    “These yearly rankings provide insight into the industry and serve as a great motivation for the companies listed,” commented Takeomi Kurisawa, CEO of Crestec USA. “We at Crestec are committed to supporting our customers and holding ourselves to high standards of service and value.”

    This year’s rankings show good reason for continued optimism and perseverance as we navigate our ever changing and evolving business environment. Congratulations to all of the companies who appeared in the rankings this year. We at Crestec are proud to be in such fine company, and pleased to be your gateway to new worlds.