April 15, 2024

2024 Language Service Provider Rankings

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    Slator and Nimdzi, two of the most recognized organizations in the language services industry, recently released their 2024 global rankings for language service providers. Crestec has been listed as a Leader in the Slator Language Service Provider Index, and once again ranked among the top 100 language service providers in the Nimdzi Top 100.

    The last year was full of talk about generative AI and its potential to transform the market and the world. Stakeholders showed a great deal of interest in new AI powered services, while also adopting a somewhat conservative stance regarding their wholesale adoption into workflows. Furthermore, the abundance of media and the demand for localized content and products continues to provide opportunities for proactive service providers to grow and prosper.

    The Nimdzi 100 ranking tracks growth and changes within the industry. This time around, Crestec ranked 81 in the Nimdzi 100. According to Nimdzi, service providers have remained optimistic as AI offerings show potential to support the existing skills of human workers while helping to optimise workflows and enhance various technologies. These factors led Nimdzi to project continued growth in the industry of 7% in 2024 and beyond. As a region, Asia showed the most growth with an average of 20.9%, while growth around the world continued, though at a more modest pace.

    For the full Nimdzi ranking go to: https://www.nimdzi.com/nimdzi-100-top-lsp/

    The Slator 2024 Language Service Provider Index (LSPI) also provides a ranking of the largest language service providers. The ranking this year reflects the continued growth and change within the industry. Crestec appears on this year’s index in the Leader category at number 51.

    For the full Slator LSPI go to: https://slator.com/2024-language-service-provider-index/

    “It’s heartening to see the health of the industry reflected in these rankings,” commented Taki Kurisawa, CEO of Crestec USA. “As a global leader in localization, Crestec is committed to supporting our customers and partners and pursuing new avenues of growth.”

    Crestec congratulates all of the companies who appeared in the rankings this year. We feel deep gratitude for all of our partners and staff that helped to place us among the top 100 LSPs worldwide!