Crestec Ranks on CSA and NIMDZI Lists

Crestec USA, Inc., part of Crestec Inc. Global Communications (JASDAQ: Code 7812), is proud to say it has ranked highly on lists of Language Service Providers (LSPs) created by CSA Research and Nimdzi. These organizations recognized Crestec as one of the top language service providers in the world and for its importance to the manufacturing and technology sectors.

According to CSA Research, Crestec’s core strengths lie in localization for the technology and manufacturing sectors. It ranked number 5 in a list of the top LSPs specialized in technology (“The Top LSPs Specialized in Technology: 2019,” CSA Research, June 2019) and number 6 in a list of the top LSPs specialized in manufacturing (“The Top LSPs Specialized in Manufacturing: 2019,” CSA Research, June 2019). These rankings take into account the amount of revenue derived from each respective industry, emphasizing the importance of Crestec in these highly technical fields.

Additionally, Crestec ranked number 36 overall in CSA’s list of the top 100 LSPs in 2019 and number 8 in the Asia-Pacific region.

In another piece of good news, Crestec has ranked in the annual Nimdzi 100, a list that ranks the top language service companies in the world by their revenue. Crestec placed 40th, with a highlight on its $35 million in revenue.

“The ranking itself doesn’t mean anything to our clients,” said Takeomi Kurisawa, President, Crestec USA, Inc. “But we are happy for the recognition that many global companies rely on Crestec for their global expansions. These rankings reflect our commitment to our clients and the industry. We look forward to serving many more global companies.”

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